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Introduction This course looks at the issue of bribery, the main offences that may be committed and the key terminology. Course chapters Defining bribery Find out what Bribery actually is, what are the main offences of bribery and gain an understanding into key terminology. Meeting legal requirements This section will cover The UK Bribery Act and other related legislation as well as the bribery of foreign public officials. Preventing bribery An overview of anti-bribery procedures, enforcement and penalties and defences for certain bribery offences. Who will it benefit? Your sales, procurement and senior management staff will benefit from this course by gaining an understanding of what is appropriate and not appropriate in a business negotiation process. How it works? Bribery Act is delivered online as an interactive course to each trainee on their computers, or portable device at any internet enabled location. The interactive course is engaging, informative and exciting to use. Using up-to-date, modern graphical images, users will be faced with a selection of interactive elements and mini quizzes to test their knowledge. Users will receive informative advice and guidance and will be tested on their understanding of the subject at the end of the course by completing the compulsory self-test. This course also features a risk checklist which asks the user a series of questions relating to their current working environment. Our view... This is an engaging 25-30 minute course. It teaches you about bribery: what bribery is, where it occurs, and the Bribery Act - its associated regulations and how to operate legally in their context. It is essential for anyone, such as sales senior management staff, who negotiate as part of their work. Read More

This course is aimed at people who have been promoted into a new role and now have to lead and manage their former collegues.....you are the boss, no longer a buddy!   Discussing Your New Leadership Role Understand the Expectations of a New Role Creating the Mindset for Your New Role Control vs. Influence Communicating Positive Expectations Motivation for Change Accelerate the Acceptance of Organization Change Diagnose Resistance to Change Dominant Communication Style Inspiring Communication Style Supportive Communication Style Cautious Communication Style Seven Components of Great Presentations Sources of Feedback Four Types of Feedback Six Step Coaching Model Remove Yourself as a Source of Threat Creating a Conflict Resolution Mindset Accelerate Goal Achievement Goal Setting at Three Levels Our view....a great, up to date, interactive  course which is essential for anyone who is moving up in the career! Read More

Build a Network 70 20 10 Onboarding Toolkit using e-learning videos and downloadable materials In these 4 modules you will look at the competencies needed to support new hires to build a network of people who can help them be successful. ·         Find out who can provide the information you need to be successful in your job ·         New hires get to know their co-workers roles, skills and expertise ·         Team members help new hires build a network of people within the company ·         New hires have a network of resources for coaching, feedback and skill building Our view...what can we say other than very useful learning materials, again practical and includes best practice actions to help engage and socialize the new hire.Remember, Research shows that 70 to 80% of development happens on-the-job. The Onboarding modules include actions sequenced over the first year of employment. Our Onboarding Toolkit contains learning content for 6 of the most common competencies. Read More

Building for the Future 70 20 10 Career Development Toolkit using e-learning videos and downloadable materialsIn these 7 modules you will look at the competencies needed to identify the actions and plan required to build the skills needed and to obtain the desired future role. ·         Create a skill development plan ·         Strengthen your personal network ·         Create a solid career plan ·         Brand yourself to others ·         Create a career plan with your employee ·         Identify skill development opportunities for your employee ·         Help build your employee’s professional network Our view...what can we say other than very useful learning materials, again practical and with purpose to help learners and managers identify career options and create a development plan to accomplish future career goals and aspirations. Remember, Research shows that 70 to 80% of development happens on-the-job. The Career Development modules include actions for individuals and managers to systematically to identify, plan and action career and skill development. Read More

This course contains two elearning modules: Ethics for Everyone and Ethics for Managers. The course lasts for over 15 minutes and teaches you about ethics in a business context. Our View: Ethics can seem like a daunting topic but really much of it is intuitive. This course teaches you how to use the ethical lessons you have learned in everyday life and apply them to the business world. Read More

Career Development 70 20 10 Competency Development using e-learning videos and downloadable  materials.In these 5 modules you will look at the competencies needed to Build and develop your career. Learn how to brand and promote what you love to do Build relationships with colleagues to learn about their role, skills, and expertise Identify potential career opportunities Explore the jobs and opportunities within the company Identify your current skills and capabilities and determine what gaps exist Our view.....ideal to support new starters, with the onus put firmly on the individual to contribute towards the competency acquisition. Take the induction process beyond just introductions by using this course in your workplace. Remember, research shows that 70 to 80% of development happens on-the-job.The Competency Development modules contains on-the-job development actions leveraging the natural way leaders develop.Our Competency Development Toolkit contains learning content for 20 of the most common competencies. Read More

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