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Introduction This assessment will make you aware that it’s important that you assess your working environment so that you can be sure that you are not putting yourself at any risk. Course chapters Workplace Find out how to set up your workstation correctly in order to prevent future health problems. DSE equipment This section will help you assess the way you position and use your DSE. Posture and breaks Find out how important it is to take breaks whilst working and how to keep a correct posture. Who will it benefit? Everyone who sits at a workstation on a day to day basis. How it works? Workstation setup assessment is delivered online as an interactive course to each trainee on their computers, or portable device at any internet enabled location. The interactive course is engaging, informative and exciting to use. Using up-to-date, modern graphical images, users will be faced with a selection of interactive elements and mini quizzes to test their knowledge. Users will receive informative advice and guidance and will be tested on their understanding of the subject at the end of the course by completing the compulsory self-test. This course also features a risk checklist which asks the user a series of questions relating to their current working environment. Our view... This course lasts for 10-15 minutes. It teaches you about how to set up your Workstation in order to avoid health problems by providing you with information and then quizzing you on it. Read More

Writing to Get Things Done® 70 20 10 WGTD Toolkit using e-learning videos and downloadable materialsThese 12 modules will support learners to improve productivity by teaching how to use writing as a powerful tool for getting things done.·         Clarify thoughts before writing.·         Separate the readers’ needs from the writer’s needs.·         Use the inverted-pyramid principle of organization.·         Use a listing paragraph format to highlight key ideas.·         Use the language of getting things done vs. business speak.·         Develop a professional tone that encourages cooperation.·         Use our three models of organization for all business writing/emails.·         Write technical information to non-technical peopleOur view...what can we say other than this Toolkit is for everyone who needs to communicate effectively to meet important deadlines and keep projects on target, including professionals and leaders such as lawyers, engineers, analysts, managers and leaders.Remember, Research shows that 70 to 80% of development happens on-the-job.The WGTD modules will enable the learner to write more effectively for business and assess the quality of business communication by differentiating between the readers and writers needs. Read More

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