Health and Safety - We are all responsible (Video)

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David Patterson

05 Nov 2014




Health & Safety is not just the responsibility of managers and directors, in modern working environments every employee should be responsible for ensuring the correct practices are followed.

Course chapters

Scene 1

A Health & Safety news programme invites you to see a workplace where managers and staff have little or no understanding of general Health & Safety.

Scene 2

Induction training with no risk assessment training and out of date Health & Safety policies.

Scene 3

New starters are told to disregard the safety signs.

Scene 4

Doubts of taking a new job, poor feedback from current staff and thrown in at the deep end.

Scene 5

Newspaper article with accident in local paper.

Who will it benefit?

This course will benefit those who want an overview of Health & Safety and increase the awareness that we are all responsible for Health & Safety in our workplace.

How it works?

Health & Safety We are all responsible is delivered in a video format. It is entertaining, informative and professionally produced.

The video courses are tracked with the Learning Management System in exactly the same way as the interactive courses and are fully reportable ensuring that all training is logged within the system.

This video course also features the risk checklist and self-test to ensure user understanding and easy identification of high risk employees.

Our view... this is an entertaining and professional 35 minute video. It teaches you that health and safety is the responsibility of every staff member by showing you what it's like in an organisation where nobody takes responsibility for health and safety!


Course Overview

This course uses a scenario of a workplace with a poor Health & Safety policy and proves that it shouldn’t take an accident for the right precautions and common Health & Safety practice to be used at all times.

At the end of the video, trainees will:

» Appreciate the importance of risk assessments.

» Understand the importance of safety signs.

» Recognise the importance of Personal Protective Equipment.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Learning Light Certificate

Health and Safety We Are All Responsible Video
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