Accident investigation (Video)

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David Patterson

05 Nov 2014




Thorough investigation into any workplace accident is necessary to help prevent recurrences. Our Accident Investigation course will give you a broad understanding of the accident investigation process and its benefits.

Course chapters
  1. Immediate Response

How to preserve the evidence and keep the scene of the accident as undisturbed as possible.

  1. Information Gathering

Gathering the correct information in order to investigate an accident properly.

  1. Interview witnesses

Interviewing witnesses, the inspection of materials and objects involved in the accident.

  1. Analysing  information

This section covers the importance of piecing information together.

  1. Identyfying causes

Find out about immediate and underlying causes

  1. Making recommendations

Risk elimination, substitution; remove & replace, engineering controls and PPE.


Who will it benefit?

This course will be valuable for health and safety advisers/officers, safety representatives, managers, supervisors or anyone with responsibility for investigating accidents.


How it works?

Accident Investigation is delivered in a video format. It is entertaining, informative and professionally produced.

The video courses are tracked with the Learning Management System in exactly the same way as the interactive courses and are fully reportable ensuring that all training is logged within the system.

This video course also features the risk checklist and self-test to ensure user understanding and easy identification of high risk employees.

Our view... This is an engaging and informative 35 minute video. It teaches you about to respond to, investigate, report and prevent accidents in the workplace. As an accident can occur in any workplace, this course is essential for everyone!


Course Overview

This course will equip your employees with the essential knowledge, skills and tools to conduct investigation and prevent costly recurrences.

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

» Recognise why an accident has happened

» Understand how to prevent accidents from recurring in the future

» Recognise the importance of gathering and analysing information

» Understand the difference between immediate and underlying causes


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Learning Light Certificate

Accident Investigation Video
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Excellent and easy to understand
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